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Bal Natu

May 12, 2002

O Beloved Meher Baba!

As I breathe, let my remembrance of you be a renewing music, ever-ringing and singing Your glory through all the activities of my life. Let Your holy Name become my very breath, and the soft rhythmic humming of it, the song of my life.

As I remember You, may the pure essence of your luminous Being touch my finite self. May Your touch purify my feelings, thoughts and actions, making them worthy of being offered as loving gifts at Your feet. May Your remembrance usher in the harmony of body, mind, and heart so that I may live to honor Your wish and to please You.

As I wipe away the past, may I fill the present with the sweetness of your Name and continue to play in your game with me. Your remembrance is the only remedy, but this I often forget. However, when I remember You it is merely in response to Your loving grace showered on me.

May every moment be a celebration of Your glorious presence and I be the recipient of Your loving guidance. Guide me to listen to Your music with the ears of my heart and to witness Your dance with the eyes of my heart. Let me listen and watch Your divine sport with deep appreciation, yet unattached to the melodies or the movements. May I remember and be absorbed only in Your Being.

May the remembrance of your Name help me to hold onto you throughout the delights and trials of life, ever-guiding me to Your Abode in me.

This is my prayer to you, Oh Lord.

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