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Eruch Jessawala

With pilgrims growing in such large numbers, especially at Amartithi the crowd runs into the thousands, but crowding is a state of mind. When the heart wants to feel at home, no amount of people around will disturb the home-like feeling of Meherazad which is not meant for crowds. It is for the small groups of Baba lovers who want to enjoy feeling at home, whereas Meherabad may be looked at as the battlefield where the crowds engage in their spiritual contests. The people who will be in charge of Meherazad will however control the flow of visitors coming here, especially at Amartithi time.

Baba said that in seventy years from 1954, both Meherabad and Meherazad will become places of world pilgrimage and undoubtedly people will be flocking as much around Meherazad as at Meherabad, but the atmosphere of a home should be maintained at Meherazad.

There is a spiritual intensity at Meherabad. The body of Avatar Meher Baba which is resting in the Tomb at Meherabad, is the body that housed Reality and anything that is in direct contact with Reality is naturally sanctified. So the effect of that body is that everything for miles around is sanctified. Of course Baba also lived at Meherazad and by staying there He created another special atmosphere — the atmosphere of home where one could relax from the concentration of the spiritual outlook that exercises pilgrims at Meherabad.

What you experience is the reflection of His presence in the atmosphere of this place — and this is true of any place He has been — and when we are gone, His presence will continue to be felt. Baba has assured us that for a little more than one hundred years, that same atmosphere will prevail.

THE ANCIENT ONE, pp. 234-235
1985 © Naosherwan Anzar


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