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"It is all words. When you say Self, God, Infinity, they mean nothing. To attempt to understand by reading or hearing explanations is an insult to our beloved God, Who is beyond all understanding. The only answer is Love. If we love God, we become Him. There is no further question. But we must love with all our hearts, so that only God exists for us."

There followed some music. Then Ben Hayman came in and Baba welcomed him and asked him if he slept well, and said He was very happy to see him. "I wanted you here, so you came." He told him to relax, and said that He wanted him to feel that he had not missed anything.

There will be no more explanations. I will play marbles with you! I am so full of humor and so human that it is difficult even for rishis [Advanced souls] and Saints to know Me as I am. I am at every level and act according to that level. With a child I am a child; with the highest saints I am one with them. It is My nature to be absolutely natural, even with beloved God, Who is one with Me, and I with Him.

If you understand what I have just said, the solution to everything is in your hands. God is infinite honesty, and unless we love Him honestly we can not know Him. Though beyond understanding, the heart full of love can understand the un-understandable. If you love God you become one with Him; that is the only thing. And you can love God.

Malcolm asked if we weren't really loving God whenever we loved anyone or anything. Baba said, "Yes. Only you don't know that you are loving God: God loves Himself through us all.

"When I washed the feet of the seven poor, and bowed down to them, I did it with all My heart. I did not merely play the part of one who bows down and gives gifts: I became that. What did you see that day? This bowing down is due to Perfect Ones, according to Hindu custom, also the giving of gifts. I became by My act, the devotee and disciple of seven Perfect Ones. I placed My head on their feet and gave gifts. I am everything, but I became all this, and honesty demands that what I am, I must express."


THREE INCREDIBLE WEEKS, pp. 82-83, Malcolm Schloss & Charles Purdom
1979 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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