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Kitty Davy

On April 6, we arrived in Bombay and were met at the dock by a group of Baba's men disciples. We stayed at the Hotel Majestic and the next day at 2 p.m. cars came to the hotel to take us to Kandivili, about 25 miles outside Bombay near Lake Arthur, where Baba with the Meherabad group was awaiting our arrival....

We were delighted to meet Mehera and Mani and those we had heard so much about. They were charming and made us feel immediately at home. I remember they had brought a number of beautiful saris for us to wear, a splendid thing to do, as thereby the East and West were at once joined together by a topic of common interest. They took us upstairs and assisted us in dressing, for of course we could not have managed the draping of the saris by ourselves. Baba was happy to see the two groups mingling so harmoniously.

Later, having changed back into our Western dress, we went downstairs to a hall where many devotees were gathered. Baba's sister, Mani (age 14 — how shy she must have felt!) was asked by Baba to do a short monologue. We followed it with various entertainments.


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