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Jane Barry Hanes

In the afternoon, Baba had said that the second child was to come — Charles. Again He called me into the Lagoon Cabin. Several children entered together. Charles, now eight years, came forward with the Carpenter boys. The thought went through my mind: I do hope that Baba knows which child is mine! (You can see how limited my understanding was of the Beloved.) The very second that that thought came, Baba turned quickly to me and gestured: Jane, tell me, who are the children here? I stumbled, muttered introductions, and began to realize that this Master knew every thought before it was uttered.

Baba embraced the Carpenter boys, dear Chip and his brother Mark. Then He took Charles full into His arms. I sat and watched this with wonder and amazement. It was so natural, yet moving beyond expression. Charles literally flew into Baba's embrace. The phrase "coming home" came into my consciousness, with each of the "Trio", as Baba was to call them. It was as though they had always known Him. Baba gave Charles a tender kiss. He played with the children a little, then out they went.

Again, if I were a writer I could describe the expression on Charles' face, but I cannot. Happily, Beloved Baba later had one photograph come out of all I took during the Sahavas; it was an embrace outside the cabin with Charles in His arms — and the picture tells what words cannot.

Years later I was in Elizabeth's kitchen and I heard Joulia Mavris ask Charles on the porch (it was about 1961), "What was it like when you met Meher Baba?"

And he replied, "Well, I was told to go to the Lagoon Cabin. I stood outside, waiting. Then, as I opened the screen door and looked inside, I saw Jesus sitting there. So I went and hugged His neck!"

So it was on May 21st.

That night, I went to bed very early, drained but not tired. Happy with the kind of happiness that only God's Love can bring; but not understanding why. I slept like a baby; a quiet, dreamless, restful sleep — like none I had known before.


LETTERS OF LOVE FOR MEHER BABA, pp. 40-41, ed Jane Barry Hanes
1997 © EliNor Publication


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