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Mani Irani

As far as I remember, India got itself into the hula hoop whirl in the latter 50's. In the West of course it was earlier, but Western fads and fashions took quite some time to reach India.

We were even slower knowing about it, till one morning a young Baba-lover drove up into Guruprasad grounds and out of the trunk of her car emerged a hula hoop. Later when we asked her to show us how it worked, she very happily obliged, whirling the hula hoop round and round with each movement of her hips. We girls also tried it, in turns, including Mehera, but she preferred to watch along with Baba. Meheru didn't do it for long as she had just had major surgery. I whirled away while I could.

Not long after this I had a dream in which Beloved Baba was standing way up in the sky, wearing His white sadra, gracefully whirling around His waist a number of hula hoops at the same time! The sky was very blue and the hoops were of different colours, and at every point where the whirling hoops touched one another, I saw a galaxy born, a universe sparking out, a solar system appearing, until the whole cosmos was whirling round and round Baba — illumined by His smile of compassion.

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