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Part 2


Shatrughan Kumar

I had been brought up in a spiritual environment at home, but after joining the revolutionary party and spending a long time in politics, I had become an agnostic. But that night, when the other prisoners were asleep, I prepared myself to request God to release me.

I either didn't know, or by now had forgotten, how to address God so I simply said, "Mr. God, if there is any God, I request You, please get me released from this jail." But simultaneously with this request came the thought to my mind that every punishment and pain is man's own earnings according to his deeds; if jail was my own earning, then why should God interfere? Yet right on the heels of this thought came another — that if I promised to accept any binding outside of jail, then this would serve the purpose. I felt I had found the solution.

So I began my request again, "Mr. God, please get me released from this jail and in exchange I promise to abide by and obey any binding whatsoever you impose upon me outside this jail." And while I was making this promise to God, I began to feel strongly that God was going to accept my bargain.

And then another thought entered my mind. How will I know if my bargain has been accepted by God? Even if I am released, what proof will I have that it was God's doing? So I added, "Please God, if You have accepted my promise and bargain, then get me released early in the morning, as soon as the prison gates are opened. If I am released any other time, the following day, tomorrow morning, I will take it that my release was all by chance and not Your doing."

Actually, it was an impossibility for me to be released as soon as the prison gates opened. For they opened at dawn, but the superintendent, who would have to sign my release papers, didn't arrive until at least ten in the morning.

Despite this, after so much conversation with God, I became so sure of my being released early in the morning that I started to pack my belongings in my two large trunks. I spent the whole night in praying, requesting, promising, bargaining and packing.


WHEN HE TAKES OVER, pp. 13-14, ed Bal Natu
1988 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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