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Part 4


Shatrughan Kumar

I met Meher Baba in His physical form for the first time on January 12, 1950 at Dehra Dun railway station. Someone asked me to wait outside and when I was called in, I saw Baba in the waiting room. I noticed that His fingers were on the edge of a large round table and His alphabet board was under His arm. A beautiful sight! He looked radiant and loving. He was smiling and I was simply enchanted by His radiance and beauty....

In 1954, about eight years after my release from prison, Baba called me to Satara in Maharashtra to spend one week with Him. But once I arrived, Baba kept me there for almost one year. He further imposed upon me many restrictions and bindings such as to have no correspondence with anyone, never to step out of the premises unless I was to accompany Baba as His umbrella bearer, etc.

Several months passed like this and my clothes were almost in rags and I had grown a beard. One day it occurred to me that I had so many restrictions on me, it was as if I were in prison! I became a little upset; I had spent so many years in jail and now it seemed my life hadn't changed at all. But that very day Baba took me along with Him in His car while He went for mast work.

On the way, out of the blue, Baba asked me, "How long were you in prison?" Without thinking about why Baba was asking me such a strange question, I spontaneously replied, "More than ten years on two occasions ... on the second occasion ... I was put in prison for an indefinite period."

"How did you get released then?" Baba asked, and all of a sudden it all came back to me. I had completely forgotten my bargain with God, but now I remembered everything — my request, my bargain and my promise. I said, "I requested God to release me."

Baba gestured, "Only requested? Didn't you say something more to God?" I looked up into Baba's eyes. He was smiling. I said, "Yes, Baba. I promised also."

"In what manner did you request God, and what was your promise to Him?"

I explained that I didn't know how to address God so I had begun my request by saying, "Mr. God, if there is any God, I request You, please get me released from this jail." And, in return for this, I had promised to abide by any binding whatsoever imposed upon me outside of jail.

All along Baba had been smiling. But now, suddenly He became very serious. He took my right hand and placed it upon His and made me repeat the promise three times. "Don't break this promise," He gestured. "I am God; I am that 'Mr. God' to whom you made the promise. I have kept My side of the bargain; now keep yours."

Something like an electrical current passed through my body and I began to perspire till I was completely soaked. Baba then caressed me lovingly. Up to that time I had served Baba and loved Baba as a Great Soul, but now I knew with a conviction beyond question that I had found God, the Highest of the High.


WHEN HE TAKES OVER, pp. 17-21, ed Bal Natu
1988 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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