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Narrated by Krishna Nair

Baba was in Quetta for about a month during March 1941. Chatti Baba was also there, who would roam about all night amidst the inclement cold weather. He remained amazingly healthy, and on top of it, continued his daily bath of one hundred buckets full of ice-cold water!

One day Baba asked me to go and ask Chatti Baba whether he wanted bath. I did so and at first he laughed, but then agreed. Baba gave him a bath. During the bath Baba gestured to me to ask Chatti Baba whether he felt cold — I asked him and he replied, "Cold? I'm on fire. I am burning up!"

I felt puzzled and asked, "You took bath with icy-cold water and yet you say that you are burning!"

Chatti Baba looked at Baba and said, "This fire is burning me."


TEARS OF JOY, pp. 58-59, ed Anna Khandale
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