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Meher Baba

The East already knows Me; I have some thousands of followers in India and Persia.

I have not chosen the West; it is not a question of choice, but a question of where My work is most needed to have spirituality and materialism go hand in hand.

There are hundreds of religious teachers in the East who call themselves pundits, well versed in scriptures and full of wise sayings to fit any eventuality; but there are very few who have achieved personal experience of the Highest One. The real thing is to feel, to experience and to realize the One Infinite Consciousness; and that is possible only through love and is inspired by contact with a Perfect Master; without that contact none has attained Perfection.

The true life is lived when one feels heart and head balanced, intellect and feeling linked, materialism and spirituality blended. Then only can one realize the infinite in every phase of life and be in harmony with everyone and everything, living in the world of matter yet feeling detached; so being identified with the One Personal God.

There are two aspects of the Infinite One — personal and impersonal. The impersonal lies beyond the domain of creation and transcends even the mental plane. The personal aspect of God is the Perfect Master who, having attained to the impersonal aspect, lives in the world and, using Maya, helps others towards Truth.

I never wish to be called Redeemer, Savior, Divine Majesty and so on. The disciples through their love, faith, enthusiasm gave such titles. There are many who misunderstand Me, call Me Satan, anti-Christ; but to Me it is all the same. I know what I am.

I see My own life in everyone, and so continually realize that I am the Infinite One; and this 'I' is not the outcome of the limited finite egoism, but it is the outcome of actual experience of the highest state.

When an Avatar has to manifest, for some period before His manifestation He either fasts, keeps silent, or adopts some inner discipline for the benefit of the world. He does not do this for His own sake because, having attained to the Highest, nothing is left for Him to do for His own self. But before manifestation, whatsoever He does, His mind is universal.

Buddha never ate food cooked by others.

Jesus fasted forty days.

I keep silent.

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