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Judith Garbett

I was confined to the Pilgrim Quarters with a dose of flu and so it was a whole week before I could see Mansari again. No-one was there when I came to her room, and straight away she told me her delightful 'ice cream story':

Baba called her to the May 1965 Darshan, at Guruprasad, Poona, and she was told to be in the pandal. She was sitting some way back. Eruch, on Baba's instructions, called for her to show where she was, so she raised her hand. Again Eruch announced, Baba says to wave. Then, Baba says you are so small you should stand up so He can see you.' She did so.

After darshan she was told to come to see Baba in the mandali room at exactly 12:30 (or whatever the time was). On coming she found a row of men sitting on one side, and women on the other.

Baba told her: 'Stand there, be still, don't laugh, and open your mouth so I can flip the ice cream in!'

At the very idea she laughed — 'because what if it hit my forehead or came on my sari?!'

Baba said, 'I told you not to laugh.'

So she stood there. Baba took a spoonful of ice cream and flipped it straight into her mouth. Three times He did this, once asking what flavour she wanted.

She told him: 'Flavour is nothing — you are giving it to me, that is all!'

After the last mouthful Baba said 'Now go!' and she left.

While telling me about it she laughed happily at the memory of that time.


LIVES OF LOVE, Mansari, p. 9
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