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David Fenster

Chanji kept up a correspondence with Baba's new lovers in England and America, and on 17th September, he sent them some of these photographs — a great honor, Chanji pointed out, since usually Baba never allowed photos of the women mandali to be seen by anyone. In his letter to the "Western gopis," Chanji stated:

The joy of the Indian gopis knew no bounds when they found their Beloved Lord once more with and amongst them after months of painful separation! And to celebrate his return, as also to make him happy, they arranged a fine performance, specially composed and enacted by them, and gave Baba a very good time and treat. Two fine photos of these dramatic groups in the costumes that they wore during this performance are sent with this mail. The names of all are indicated against their pictures, so that you will easily distinguish them.

Baba's dearest Mehera — as you will find — outshines all, in spite of the hollows in her cheeks and general weakness due to her neglect of food during the separation period. Her love is so silent and deep that she actually lost her natural beauty for months, during this separation. But her love for Baba outlives every other consideration, and outshines all neglect and delicacy of health....

In the photograph of the big group, the ladies in the front row and sitting are elders, while those at the back and standing, are the younger gopis — the modern girl-lovers of the modern Krishna in India. How sweet and loving they all look — each face shining with a radiance of love that the Flower and Lover of humanity inspired. I am sure you will all feel happy at the thought that while you suffer separation, they enjoy his company and are supremely happy in his august presence amongst them.

Their loving letter for you, and dear sweet gopis of Baba in England, is mailed this week, and trust the new faces will bring with them all the love that they can and want for you, their dearest sisters in faith on the other side, and live in your memories forever and forever for this love they all have for Baba — the ideal and idol of your hearts.


MEHERA-MEHER, A Divine Romance, Vol 1, p. 244
2003 © David Fenster


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