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Eruch Jessawala

Really speaking, you are both right. Your father is right when he says we simply have to love Him and you are right when you say we have to obey Him. Obedience is very important. Meher Baba put great emphasis on it. But what will you obey? First and foremost, Baba left us with one standing order — to love Him as He should be loved.

So your father is right. But who of us can obey that? So, failing to obey Him in that, there is a second course open to us, and that is to obey Him in lesser things. And that's where the type of obedience that you're talking about comes in.

It is the same with the breaking of His silence. Remember our discussion yesterday? Those who say Baba's breaking of His silence will be a dramatic event like the bursting of a thousand atom bombs are right, because Baba said that His voice speaking in our hearts is the breaking of His silence, so that must also be right. Baba has said both, so they must both be right. I tell you brother, over and over again I tell you, whatever it is, it is true, it is part of the truth, but it is not the whole truth.

And that's the way this world is, everything you see or experience is part of illusion. Now, illusion means what? Illusion means it's in the realm of duality. So no matter what you say, the opposite will also be there. If you have hot, you also have to have cold. It cannot be helped, there is no way out of it, because that's the nature of duality, of illusion. But the truth, the whole truth, is beyond duality. And that is why Baba stressed love. Because love is the experience of unity in the midst of duality. Do you know that quote of Muhammad's I like to say, are you familiar with it? "Harmony is the imprint of oneness upon multiplicity." Baba once said we should strive for union or real harmony, which is union in diversity.

As long as we try to understand things with our minds, we are dealing in the realm of duality. But when the heart experiences love, we get a taste of the unity of life. Perhaps that is why Baba said understanding has no meaning and love does have meaning.


THAT'S HOW IT WAS, pp. 51-52
1995 © Eruch Jessawala


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