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Both the fifth and sixth planes of gnosis are states of illumination, but they may be either subjective or objective, depending upon the manner in which the illumination has been achieved. The positive systems of yoga lead to objective illumination of the fifth plane, but such objective illumination can only be termed "semi-illumination", For in it God is experienced as without, and therefore sight of Him is eclipsed or obscure.

In contrast, subjective or full illumination is brought about through the inner path of love, which brings about a blending of devotion, knowledge and action. Such subjective illumination in the fifth and sixth planes has absolutely no element of obscurity, because God is experienced within.

In a sense, God is nearer the subjective realm than the objective, although ultimately He is inclusive of both, as well as beyond both.


LISTEN, HUMANITY, pp. 161-162, ed Don E. Stevens
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