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Norina Matchabelli

(Ahmednagar, September 5, 1948)

Meher Baba has attained a unity with God in all His aspects. His creativity consists in awakening Love in everyone. The darkened center of the 'I', or the ego-mind, functioning through speculative ideology, comes to be illumined with the Truth only if it is aglow with Love. As Truth, the Master is the Supreme Self Immutable, which is the One-in-all.

He is one with that reality, which is the ultimate Cause behind all effects. In man, this Reality expresses itself as conscience, or the moral order within, giving directive guidance to all. The way to Truth is primarily action, and not bare speculation.

God comes to all as the self-sustained Power and Light. In the world of duality, He affirms Himself as the vibratory order of pure thought. As God-realized Truth-individual, the Master supervises the working of this directive order, which finds its manifestation through the multi-sided struggle for the Truth in ways unseen, or through cool, logical reasoning, or through the lucidity of higher intuitive experience.

To surrender oneself to the Truth-individual is to open out to all that is pure and holy. All the falsehoods created by man's imagination, and all the impurities accumulated in him through ignorant action, have to be banished by surrenderance to the cleansing and beneficent Grace of the Master. Those who surrender themselves to the Truth-individual are not only the recipients of Light, but they themselves become the torch-bearers for the rest of toiling, groping, and struggling humanity.

All creatures in this world are entirely dependent upon God. Meher Baba is God Personal, and as such, he is, in this period of world turmoil, at the head of the spiritually constructive world forces. He can raise man from the sensuousness of inflamed imagination to the purity and freedom of Truth-realization. He does not give mere teaching. He gives to man an experience of what the philosophers of all times have taught. He reveals the one permanent and unchanging Reality. He is the incorruptible and redemptive Love that makes the world new.

The Master has flung open the gates of Immortal Life. Be ye inheritors of the Peace which he brings!


NORINA'S GIFT, pp. 75-76, Christopher Wilson & Charles Haynes
1997 © EliNor Publications


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