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Bhau Kalchuri

The next day, Baba went with the group by car to a spot nearby where the Locarno Peace Treaty had been signed. From there, they went into a church built on a mountain where Baba remained seated for ten to fifteen minutes. There were pictures of Jesus and the disciples on the walls, and a large crucifix was over the altar at the front of the church. Baba explained, "It is I who is on the crucifix, and for this reason, I did not remove my hat when entering the church." Baba then explained about the different characteristics of Jesus' apostles and remarked about Mary Magdalene's repentance and love for Jesus.

In the church, while looking at a painting of the Last Supper, Baba commented:

"I am often reminded of John and Judas, though I had great love for Peter. There are many things about Jesus and his circle (apostles) that are not yet known to people, as books such as the Bible have been changed. I will explain later on.

"When I break my silence, clothed in the simple sadra which I wear in India, people will see me as Jesus. I am the selfsame Christ who was nailed on the cross. For the welfare of others, I undergo terrible suffering, and I suffer infinitely. I am being crucified every moment; even now!

"I remember a humorous incident in the life of Jesus. A very stout man tried to kick Jesus when he was carrying the cross, but he was so fat that while trying to kick him (me), he fell down! I remember it well.

"When I, as Jesus, ordered a pit to be dug to bury a member of my circle, Peter completed the work with his fingers, thereby injuring them badly, and to the point that one finger was fractured and the flesh lacerated. But the very next day, it was healed by my simply blowing on it!"


LORD MEHER, 1st USA ed, vol. 5, p. 1599
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