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With every advent of the Avatar on earth, the 12 men of the Inner Circle and its appendage of two women, gather round the personality of the Avatar, as the self-same 14 types of individualities. These fourteen different individualities, in the shape of different personalities, always occupy their respective offices, whenever the Avatar manifests on earth; and during and after the life-span of the Avatar, they — individually and collectively — function in the same way as their predecessors, who had held, and functioned in, the same offices of the Inner Circle during the past advents of the avatar.

Therefore it would not be wrong to say that with Christ's coming again, come Peter, Judas, and all the apostles. But this can never mean that the very same Peter or the self-same Judas, reincarnates again and again. These can never reincarnate, as all of the twelve individual personalities of the Avatar's Inner Circle attain God- realization in every Avataric period, either during or soon after the life-span of the avatar.

Once God-realization is attained, reincarnation is impossible. The only exception to this rule is the Avatar himself, who comes again and again to redeem humanity.

It is not the same individualized personalities of the Inner Circle that reincarnate; it is the individualities of their particular offices that come with every advent of the Avatar. It is because in all the Avatar's advents each of the twelve men and two women of the Inner Circle hold exactly the same office and function in exactly the same manner, that it is said the Avatar always brings with him the same circle.


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