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Minoo Kharas

On November 21, 1932, Meher Baba and four mandali men — Vishnu, Kaka Baria, and Baba's brothers Adi and Jal — sailed from Bombay aboard the Conte Verde, headed for Europe. While at sea, Baba issued this message to the Indian press:

India is a spiritual country. It possesses the most fortunate and unique position in the world, being the land of saints and spiritual Masters for ages. Therefore, the spiritual atmosphere of India must be kept up even at the cost of being in bondage and material unhappiness.

It does not matter how much India suffers so long as its spiritual power and value are retained. Moreover, the result of its present suffering will be freedom and happiness.

It is only after experiencing bondage and misery that the true value of freedom and happiness are really appreciated. But to bring this suffering to an earlier end, there must be love for friend and foe; there must be goodwill, patience and forbearance. India should also try to remedy its own defects instead of clamoring at the faults of others. The hatred between the leading communities, and their petty yet disastrous quarrels and fights, must cease; then freedom and happiness will be assured for India.

The world will soon realize that neither cults, creeds, dogmas, religious ceremonies, lectures or sermons on the one hand, nor ardent searching for material welfare and physical pleasures on the other, can ever bring about real happiness. Only selfless love and universal brotherhood can do it.

THE GOD-SEEKER, pp. 53-54
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