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Meher Baba

There are only one hundred thousand Sat-purushas or Marden-e-Khuda (Men of God) in the whole of the universe. They are those on the Spiritual Path who have achieved control over their ego-life and who, with utter disregard to life, expose themselves to hardships in the name of, and for the sake of, God.

It is not because these men and women of God find their lives to be any less precious than that of the average man or woman who, as a rule, is only too anxious to maintain a hold over the fast-slipping human life.

Their indifference is due to the fact that to them their love for God is far greater than their own limited existence. It is not just a question of giving up a life "here" in order to gain a better life "there." To them nothing else remains worth while to be had or wished for, save their love for God.


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