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Amiya Kumar Hazra

During that early period I needed some money for a trip. I had done some translation work for someone, but my remuneration was not sent to me. I was not in the habit of asking, even if entitled by circumstances, and so I didn't.

The result was that the day for the trip arrived, and no money with it. By early evening, the money still had not arrived, and it was two hours until I would have to entrain. I didn't want to ask my family members for the money, either.

Desperation came to me as I watched the clock ticking down the hours till departure. I did not know what to do. Why not again ask Meher Baba and see if He cares to listen to my request, even this time?

And this time I was really surprised. The personal assistant of the rich gentleman whose work I had done knocked on the door. Yes, there was no doubt about it; he had brought the money — not in the form of a cheque that would need to be cashed the next day, but the entire payment in cash.

I said a hurried "thank you" to the gentleman's personal assistant as I seized the currency. Then I packed my things and went to the railway station.

This time I was not in a mood to critically examine the event. Something was happening and if really Meher Baba was the prime mover of all these episodes, well it would mean a revolutionary change in my life and outlook!

Each incident left a wave of surprise in my mind, and I was also equally or perhaps more surprised at another thing — I was feeling love for Meher Baba: not always, not all the time, but at times for a minute or two. At those moments, I experienced a beautification of my mind and a purification of my heart of a nature that I had never experienced before.

Meher Baba seemed to come close to my consciousness for a brief period, evoke love and then withdraw, leaving me to feel and perhaps to judge the difference.

Frankly, I highly valued these moments. However, I was unable to prolong them by my own efforts. I felt obliged to recheck my feelings to find whether they were generated by me or induced in me by Meher Baba, as an additional gift (over and above the trivial gifts).


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