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Bhau Kalchuri

"You wonder why there is inequality in the world. There can never be equality, because each person performs different deeds and accordingly collects different sanskaras (impressions). Unless everyone has the same sanskaras, how can there be equality?

"It is impossible.

"Consciousness has to undergo different experiences for it to progress. It must have every sort of experience, and therefore, equality will never be possible.

"There is only One Reality, that is, the sense of Oneness. God is indivisible; He cannot be divided. God is Infinite. God is in everyone and in everything. That means everyone and everything are One. This Oneness is indivisible. Therefore, when people have the sense of Oneness, all this strife will go away. And you cannot have Oneness unless you love God, Who is in everyone and in everything.

"When you love God, you have this feeling of Oneness. You cannot hate anyone. You cannot deceive anyone. You cannot achieve your selfish motives at the cost of others. You cannot harass anyone, because you cultivate love for others, thinking, 'If I do all that, then, of course, I cannot please God.'

"So when you harass others, achieve your selfish motives at their expense, know well, that you have to suffer and suffer in your next birth. That's why you find so much strife in the world, with people suffering and suffering.

"The false sense of equality creates hatred, jealousy, while the sense of Oneness creates love. Therefore, honesty is the most important factor. You should be honest. You should be truthful. And you should be loving. If you do not have these qualities, then you create material for your own suffering, and you know it not.

"I am the One. I always forgive. No one realizes My compassion. I just see how people are behaving with each other. How they are creating material for their own suffering. How they have become selfish, greedy, dishonest. What I am doing for them, nobody knows.

"During My physical lifetime, I have collected green grass. It is a very big heap, infinitely high. I have put a little fire underneath. Because the grass is green, it takes time to dry. And because the fire is underneath this infinite heap, it can only dry a small portion at a time. Once this portion is dry, it will catch fire. Then another portion will be dried. This will go on and on. So what is this heap?

"Unnatural impressions.

"These unnatural impressions are created by greed, selfishness, dishonesty, hypocrisy, deception, adultery, etc. Because I love all, and all are My children, these mischievous children will also be benefited through My work. All those unnatural impressions being created will be burned in the fire of My love. Then there will be peace in the world.

"I am working infinitely hard for this. And I am infinitely active. When the heap of green grass is finally burned, the world will have awareness of Divinity. Everyone will feel Oneness. That is My mission."

And then I did not hear anything more.


AWAKENINGS, pp. 60-61
2011 © Bhau Kalchuri


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