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When you really wake up you will know at once that what you felt to be wakefulness was just dreaming. Then you will realize that you and I are and always have been one in reality. All else will then disappear, just as your ordinary dreams disappear on waking. Then they not only cease to exist, but they are found never to have really existed.

From birth to death you keep on growing. First you are young, then you grow old and die without knowing or caring from whence you came or whither you go. From "Who am I?" to "I am God" is just one long, long dream covering ages and ages in time. But this too is found never to have existed in the eternity and infinitude of your own existence, at the moment you realize your real self, or God.

Every individual here and elsewhere is the same one, ever-indivisible God. I say this because I am responsible for the whole creation*. If I am not here, then not only will you not be here but the whole creation with all its gross, subtle and mental spheres will not be here. In short, everything exists because I exist.

In your case also the whole of creation exists because you exist. When you sleep soundly, then for you everything — body, mind, world and the universe — vanishes and is absorbed in your sound-sleep state, the most-original, beyond-beyond state of God. Then your consciousness, tired of focusing on the illusion of duality, is at rest within you.

After being refreshed in the most-original, beyond-beyond state of God, your consciousness plunges you first into the dreams-in-sleep, and then you wake up once again within the dream of creation. This dream of creation emanates again and again from you and for you.

This process of repetitive sleeping-dreaming-awakening is a result of your inability to wake up in your sound-sleep state (i.e. conscious union with God). Therefore alternately you remain asleep or keep dreaming either the dreams-in-sleep or the dreams of creation.

It is only when you wake up in the true sense (God-realization) that you find that you alone (God) exist and that all else is nothing. Only after cycles and cycles of time can one attain one's own conscious state of God and find that one's infinite consciousness is eternally free of all illusion of duality.

The whole of creation is a play of thoughts: the outcome of the mind. It is your own mind which binds you, and it is also the mind which is the means of your freedom. You are eternally free. You are not bound at all.

But you cannot realize your freedom by merely hearing this from me, because your mind contrives to entangle you in the illusion of duality. Therefore you only understand what I am telling you, and mere understanding cannot make you experience the truth which I tell you.

For that truth, you must let your mind be halted and finally rooted out. Then, as soon as you see me as I really am, everything else will disappear and you will find yourself to be your own eternal and infinite self.

[creation*: It must be born constantly in mind that, once one grants the reality of God-realization or union with God, it follows immediately that such a God-realized individual would be speaking the simple truth when he said that all of creation flowed from him, that he was responsible for the whole of creation, and that all creation was one in him. This holds equally for the Avatar, despite the presumably different mechanics lying back of His oneness with God. The ensuing statement therefore is a simple development of the logic of this essential fact of oneness. —Don E. Stevens]    RETURN


LISTEN, HUMANITY, pp. 37-38, ed. Don E. Stevens
1982 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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