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Meher Baba (Through Norina Matchabelli)

You will miss the Truth if you seek it merely through the head.

Without Love, intellect is spiritually blind.

Let your feeling be illumined.

Enliven your heart.

Head without heart will make you monstrous.

Head without heart blockades the Way to the Life Eternal.

Cooperation of the head and the heart will take you to the fulfillment that knows no deficit.

The ingress of Love will clear up the blockades of the head.

Accept the guidance of the heart and you will cross the duality-ridden mind.

Leave your mind behind; and you will realize my fulfilled state.

See that no one has bound you except yourself.

Be free.

NORINA'S GIFT, p. 132, Christopher Wilson and Charles Haynes
1997 © EliNor Publications


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