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Referring to the question of Piri-Muridi (the ceremonial relating to the initiation of a disciple by the Master) obtaining in the spiritual world of Islam, Baba said:

"I know of no such initiation.... In fact no such external ceremony is ever indulged in by Perfect Masters of all times.... With Perfect Masters (Kamileen) the question of Piri-Muridi never arises at all. Their spiritual eye at once discerns the potentiality of a spiritual aspirant and he is bestowed the unique privilege of his sahavas (Sohbate-e-Auliya) — company.

"Some such external token of acceptance to discipleship very rarely displayed by Perfect Masters in the case of a particular disciple, is blindly imitated by the so-called spiritual masters (Pirs) who are invariably not found to be adepts in playing the custodian of the spiritual welfare of the novitiate in their charge.

"As happens with everything that is sublime and spiritual in significance and meaning, the interested people try to make a fetish of it and degenerate its original meaning and import into a lifeless ritual.

"From my viewpoint you can be an aspirant (Talio) to many Masters, but a disciple is only entitled to be called so when he actually receives the Master's grace and a Master can only be styled as such when he palpably bestows his grace on to the aspirant. Until then a Master is only a saint in the eyes of seekers of Truth and the potential disciple is only in the stage of an aspirant."

TWENTY YEARS WITH MEHER BABA, p. 90-91, Dr. Abdul Ghani
1975 © Avatar Meher Baba Poona Center


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