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Minoo Kharas

"None can more fully understand and appreciate than Baba the instantaneous surrenderance and submission to the most trying mission of purification as offered by the dear loving soul and the spirit of determination with which she maintains and helps even you to control your feeling for the strictest submission to Baba's injunctions, the boldness with which she faces it all and replies to those who do not understand in the way you mention in your letters — in short her spirit and utterances are all indicative and proofs positive of Baba's inner help and guidance, as of her growing closer and stronger in love and faith for Baba.

"The events that transpired [in February] and the developments that took place through the "storm" are again due to Baba's inner working not merely as an "eye-opener" for all but also planned deliberately to bring both the best and the worst in all up onto the surface, destroy the worst and utilize the best for our inner growth and development necessary for the spiritual progress. He thus worked in his own way to push you both on in the Path towards the goal of God-realization that is your life's greatest and only desire, and towards the fulfillment of which he guides and helps you.

"Besides bringing others to their senses through these domestic stirring up and upheavals, how he works to draw you both closer to him through these tests, you could hardly ever imagine, though glimpses of the same you do have through these trying and amazing experiences. So, don't worry for anything. As you yourself say, fear nothing and nobody. Once dear Baba has made you his own, drawn you so close to him and taken your cases in hand, nothing and no power on earth or beyond even in other higher realms could ever wield its influence on either of you.

"It is his to guide and help us, it is ours to obey and be guided by our best and sincerest efforts at bringing his will and instructions into practice. Suffering materially may and does come, but that should be undergone patiently and willingly, for our own benefit. For it is these tests through suffering that bring you that eternal peace and bliss for which all humanity struggles."


THE GOD-SEEKER, pp. 89-90
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