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Dr. Harry Kenmore

Keep your eyes on Meher Baba's Mandali because Meher Baba has His Eye on them. It will be significant to all of us to note that the manner in which He disciplined and drove His Mandali is the manner in which we will have to discipline and drive ourselves if we want to get to that Goal.

How often have I thought of the Mandali who, at the time of Manonash, climbed that Seclusion Hill as many as six and eight times a day, crawling, scrambling and sliding through heavy downpours and winds of hurricane velocity. No matter what was happening to them or where it was happening, up there atop that little mount was Meher Baba. He was there.

That's how they thought of Him — very, very lovingly. He was there! In the New Life as well as in the old life, when they were sent out on various expeditions for Baba, doing biksha (begging) or other work, they knew that His Love was with them wherever they went. And they knew that, at the end of two or three days, when they returned, He was there.

He is always there. But are we present to receive Him? This Eternal Beggar is still standing at the door of our hearts virtually begging to come in. If we could but realize that Meher Baba, the Incarnation of Love, is standing at the eternal door of our hearts begging to come in, we would throw open wide the door and become one with Him.

He is not only there, He is here. He is within us. We must become aware that His Residence within us is here to awaken us to the Reality of not only His Divine Greatness but to the Reality of our own Divine Greatness in Him. He has come not to give us a philosophy or a teaching. He has come to give, literally, the Truth about ourselves, and He is asking each and every one of us to get drowned in His Divine Ocean of Love.

Love alone is going to provide the glue that is going to make Him stick inside and never leave us. It is this Love that is the Eternal Leaven that is going to leaven the whole lump of humanity. But it is of meager value unless we make constructive use of it. We must knead His Love into our hearts and into our lives as the Mandali have.

Wherever the Mandali go they feel Meher Baba present with them. He has left without leaving them. They feel His Residence in them even more so than when He was in human form because now He lives as He has always lived — in total invisibility and in Absolute Silence. It is from this silence in our hearts that we will feel the Word of Words that Meher Baba eternally is. And we will respond to this Word of Words with a glorious awakening to His Love and His Greatness.


THE WAY AND THE GOAL, Vol. 1, No. 3, March 25, 1970. pp 1-2
1970 © Dr. Harry Kenmore


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