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Owing to their exalted states of consciousness, some of the advanced aspirants are adorable; but they are, in no way, comparable to the God-realised persons, either in respect of the spiritual beauty and perfection of the inward state of consciousness, or in respect of their powers.

All aspirants, right up to the sixth plane, are limited by finite consciousness; and they are all in the domain of duality and illusion. The aspirants are mostly happy: it is derived from their contact and communion with God. For some, the joy of inward companionship of the Divine Beloved is so great that they are unbalanced in their behaviour, with the result that they might, in their unsubdued state of God-intoxication, abuse people, throw stones at them and behave exactly like ghosts.

Their state is often described as that of the Unmatta. Owing to the exhuberance of the uncontrolled joy of inward contact with the Divine Beloved, they are utterly regardless of the worldly standards or values: and owing to the utter fearlessness, which comes to them through complete detachment, they often allow themselves such self-expression as would be easily mistaken for untoward idiocyncracies and immoderate unruliness.

It is only when the soul attains God-realisation on the seventh plane, that the soul gets full control over its joy: the unlimited happiness, which is eternally his, does not, in any way, unbalance him because he is now permanently established in the poise of non-duality. No longer for him is the extravagance of newly found love and joy: the occasional unsettlement owing to the on-flow of increasing joy at the closer proximity of God is also over because he is now inseparably united with Him. He is lost in the Divine Beloved and merged into Him, so that he becomes one with God: he becomes the infinite ocean of unbounded happiness.


DISCOURSES BY MEHER BABA, 1941-42, 2nd ed, pp. 3-4
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