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Mani S. Irani

When Baba got to Meherazad (for a day), He called Nariman, Arnavaz, the father, and another member of the family, on condition that they did not cry or mourn [the death of Nozer, Arnavaz's brother, in an airplane crash]....

Here are some bits that Baba said to them there, and as I remember Eruch explaining afterwards:

"I am never sorry for anyone who dies. He who dies with My name on his lips, with Me in his heart, never dies. I never worry about them, for theirs is no loss. If I am ever worried, it is for those that suffer through the death which they might allow to alienate them from Me — that would be their loss indeed. Why suffer unnecessarily? My "dead" live in Me. That should make you happy, so why not rejoice in his happiness. Loving Me as you do, knowing Me for the One I am, you should be only happy to know Nozer is happy in Me. Knowing this, any mourning you may do therefore must be for yourselves only, from selfish motives. You don't know how fortunate they are who die with My name on their lips and in their heart...."

I can say little after this, except that may we be as worthy of His Love when our test comes....

THE TURNING OF THE KEY, p. 399, Bill Le Page
1993 © Bill Le Page


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