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Delia DeLeon

During the war years life [at Meherabad] had been very austere, all had experienced suffering and hardship but now Baba was allowing them more freedom, but no luxuries. For the first time each group had its own little maid who was devoted to Baba and treated as a friend. Although all the water had to be heated, at that time it was in plentiful supply, as was the simple vegetarian food.

Jean and I were treated as guests and everyone was very kind and came offering help. The day after our arrival was the last day of the fast [July 20, 1948] and we started regular meals with lunch at 11 a.m. and supper at 6 p.m. Our little maid, Valu, was charming. She came with us when we visited the cinema and came to listen every evening when we played the gramophone. She was quite a little actress: one night there was an uproar, Kitty and Katie thought a stray dog was mad, and Valu rushed up vividly talking and pantomiming the scene.

Then there was great excitement — a note arrived from Baba saying He was coming the next day to greet us. He had not paid the ashram a visit for more than a month, so the next morning the ashram was like a beehive from 5:30. Garlands of flowers were made, rooms were cleaned; everyone put on their best clothes. At last at 9 o'clock the car was heard coming up the hill.

Jean held a mauve garland and I a white as we lined up by the gate to greet Him. The car stopped and out climbed Mehera and Mani, but no Baba. Our hearts sank but smiling, they reassured us that He had only stopped off at the men's quarters for a little while.

Sure enough the car went back down the hill and after five minutes Baba appeared at the gate. He held out His arms, a beaming smile on His face and we ran to embrace Him, the years falling away with all their problems and heartaches. After eleven long years it was absolute bliss when He hugged us; it was coming home again; time stood still — here was Reality!

Only those who have had the felicity of being thus embraced can understand the extraordinary feeling of happiness it brings to be thus enfolded in Love.


THE OCEAN OF LOVE, pp. 156-158
1991 © Meher Baba Association


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