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Najoo Kotwal

Before leaving for Quetta, Baba had directed Kitty, who was in charge of stores, to buy all the grain they needed at Multan, because they were to break their journey for the night at a place called Dera Ghazi Khan. Kitty thought that surely the stopping place would be as large as its name, which sounded impressive, so she decided to wait to buy the grain, but on reaching the place she realized this was only a village with a few huts and a dak bungalow for travelers to stay overnight.

She had only one pound of grain, four potatoes and four onions. She was upset that she hadn't obeyed Baba's instructions, and she rushed to Him, explained the food situation and asked to be forgiven for her disobedience.

Baba then called Katie, who was in charge of cooking. He asked her to take the grain and put with it the chopped potatoes and onions and whatever condiments Kitty gave her. Baba specifically instructed that the food was to be put into the usual large vessel. He then told Katie, "You are to close the lid, let it cook well, and then call Me to serve it. Today I will serve food to all of you." There were about thirty mouths to feed in all, and this was the only meal for the day.

Katie did exactly as Baba had told her. When the food was cooked, she called Baba and the merciful Lord served the meal with His own hands. To the astonishment of everyone, particularly Kitty, there was enough for all of them to have their fill, and some people even had a second helping because the dish was so tasty. This incident was certainly evidence for all those traveling on the Blue Bus of the way Beloved Baba forgives and meets our human needs.


2006 © Meherwan Kotwal


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