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Bal Natu

Eruch and others tried to persuade Baba to postpone the '69 darshan program due to the delicate state of His health. But Baba assured them that there would be no problem for Him and that, if necessary, He would give darshan lying down. He turned to Francis Brabazon and asked, "Will My lovers be upset if I give darshan while reclining or with My eyes closed?"

"No, Baba," Francis answered, "they will just be happy to have your darshan, that's all, no matter what!"

Eruch remained concerned that Baba's health could not endure the strain of three solid months of programs and suggested that Baba at least scale the program back to a shorter span of time. But again, Baba was unyielding and insisted that in the future, instead of giving darshan for three months, He would be available for darshan every day. When Eruch persisted, Baba ended the conversation by stating emphatically, "The business of the mandali is to arrange the details of the darshan program. Giving darshan is My business."

A month or so later Padri came to visit Meherazad. Shocked by the condition of Baba's health, he urged, "Baba, drop this idea about the three-month darshan program. The mandali are all getting old now, and it is better to close the shop!"

Baba gestured forcefully, "Close the shop! I am just about to fling the doors wide open!"

In the final month, Baba's urea count was so high that one doctor who visited thought there must be some mistake in the reading. An ordinary person would not be sane or lucid in such condition, and would emit a foul odor. Yet Baba was able to converse and joke until the very end. His face continued to glow with divine radiance, and His body emitted a fresh scent, like that of a baby.

On January 30, 1969, Baba told Dr. Donkin that He was being crucified, so great was His pain. He repeated this to Bhau that same night. Bhau could only look on helplessly while Baba's body was racked with spasms and convulsions, which at times lifted Him completely from the bed. "This is My crucifixion," He gestured again. The Avatar, as Man, was taking the suffering of all the world onto Himself to usher in a new era in His own time. The spasms became more and more severe. Dr. Goher was greatly alarmed. Baba gestured to her, "Don't forget, I am God." On an earlier occasion Baba had conveyed, "I know all that happens and will happen. Whatever happens does not happen without My Will."

On January 31, between noon and 12:15, Baba's body was seized by a climactic spasm, and His respiration stopped. The Great Event had happened.

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