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Baba's last verbal discussion with his mandali covered three topics.

Meher Baba's general advice to all: "You have to live for others and use your bodies for the benefit of others." This implied the labor or service the mandali had to continue doing.

Then he explained that one reason for him no longer speaking concerned Hazrat Babajan: "I must keep silence for some excessive spiritual work that will result when Babajan drops her body in the near future."

He explained that his self-imposed silence related to the future of the world: "There will be religious hostilities, riots, wars and natural disasters. These events will cause the shedding of blood of millions of people throughout the world in general, and throughout India in particular. But, thereafter, peace and brotherhood will come back into the world."

Meher Baba turned to Gulmai K. Irani, one of the few women present, and added, "There will be another world war ; it will be much more destructive and extensive than the one before. Rivers of blood will flow! I will dip my kerchief in that river of blood and tie it around my head! Not until the world cries out for God will I give up my silence!"

The teacher Pandoba then pleaded with Baba that if he became silent, people would no longer have the opportunity of hearing what he had to declare, and the world will be deprived of his teachings. Meher Baba replied,

I have come not to teach, but to awaken!

These were to be his last words to anyone outside of his circle, and this message was the meaning of his divine mission to the world.

During the evening of July 9th, Meher Baba walked to the women's quarters at the post office building to convey his final instructions: "Now listen to my last words, because from tomorrow I will keep silence for one year. Attend to your duties with love and fulfill them with all your heart. Cook for the children at the school as if they were your own.

"I have much work to do for the world. When my work is done, I shall speak."

Meher Baba left them at eight o'clock in the evening and, accompanied by Masaji, went to visit the men mandali's quarters. He told them, "I am going to be silent from tomorrow for one and a half years. All of you take care of everything at Meherabad as usual. And take care of your health.

"Whenever you go out during the night, always carry a lantern with you. Always beware of snakes ! I will save you from every calamity under the sun, but I won't help you if you are bitten by a snake. So be careful!

"Keep on doing your work. I have given you all of your duties. Continue doing them — every one of you. There will be no hitch in the work; although I will be silent, everything at Meherabad will run smoothly. You don't have to worry. I have my own reasons for keeping silence. I must do it. Stick to your jobs and do as I instruct you. Don't deviate from the work and don't worry about it. If you obey me, nothing will be difficult."

It was eight-thirty when he concluded: "I am going to the Jhopdi now. All of you go to bed." There were about twenty men around him. A few men made some comments, and within a few minutes the group dispersed.

The men began unrolling their bedding, and Padri went to urinate. He had only gone a few steps when he spotted a three-foot long cobra. Lifting his lantern, he shouted, "Snake! Snake!" The other men came running with the bamboo staffs, which were kept for this purpose. There was shouting and the whacking of staffs as the snake was being killed.

Meher Baba heard the commotion and came out of his hut. "What is all the noise about?" he asked.

"Baba, we have killed a snake!"

"Who saw it?"

"I did," said Padri.

"Were you carrying a lantern?" Padri nodded yes, and Baba was pleased that he had done so. Padri then handed him a staff, and Baba smashed the head of the cobra with one blow.

He ordered Padri to wash his hands several times after burying the snake. Then he repeated: "I am warning you all again. Be careful of snakes! Always carry a lantern and take care. Now I want everyone to go to sleep."

Meher Baba then walked over to the women's quarters and spoke with them briefly: "How fortunate you are that you have heard my voice so many times today! This incident with the snake took place to allow you to hear me speak for the final time." He then departed and retired for the night, while Masaji kept watch.

LORD MEHER, 1st ed, Vol. 2, pp. 731-734, Bhau Kalchuri
1987 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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