Symbols of the world's religions

Part 1


Bhau Kalchuri

Up to the fourth plane there exists many kadams, gams and muqams along the Inner Path. A kadam is a step along the Path in any subtle plane. A gam is a breathing space on the Path in any subtle plane. A muqam is a place of rest on the Path in any subtle plane. After so many kadams (steps) comes a gam (breathing space), and after so many gams comes a muqam on the way to the mental planes (safe from enchantment.)

In the seven lanes in between the planes and in the fourteen by-lanes through the heavens, there are forty-nine muqams in each subtle plane up to the fourth plane and fourth heaven. There are thousands of kadams (steps) in each subtle plane and heaven up to the fourth, and there are several gams (breathing spaces) between each subtle muqam (resting place).

There are less kadams (steps) travelling through the planes so it is a more direct journey for the saliks, and there are more kadams in the heavens so it is a more indirect journey for the masts.

Masts abide in the heavens (cities) and are completely absorbed in the bliss of enchantment; saliks dwell in the planes (at the railway station) and have their own bliss and ecstasy, but they do not leave the lane to the next plane; thereby they by-pass the allurements in the heavens.

The Avatar and Sadgurus take individuals who are ready through the planes, but they are usually veiled from the conscious experience of the planes and heavens. The yogis, occultists, mystics, masts, and saliks travel the Path of the inner planes unveiled, going through the heavens consciously by their own efforts.

Heavens are the experience of the powers (siddhis) and ecstasies (haal) of the planes in the subtle realm. A yogi on the first to the fourth plane does not experience different phenomena of the subtle world; the yogi who does experience phenomena of the subtle is actually in a section of the heaven of that plane.


1981 © Bhau Kalchuri


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