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W. D. Kain

Although Meher Baba has dictated many discourses on meditation yet for his devotees he just stressed the need of love for God. "Just love me," Baba said.

Personally I never could meditate in the real sense of the word. After all the Gopis of Vrindavan never meditated. They just loved Krishna. The "Vanar Sena" and Hanumana just loved and obeyed Rama. Shabri just adored Rama. Saints Surdas and Tuka Ram sang the glory of the Lord. So did Peter and Paul.

One day a friend questioned me and pumped into my ears the meditation cult. I never paid any heed to it. Perhaps the Subconscious Mind did. On the night of 7/8th September, 1955, I had a dream where I was given a glimpse of one of my previous lives in India. I was like a devotee of God singing His Glory. I was so much entranced by the rapture of music that I got up very late. And when I woke up, the All India Radio was broadcasting the same song which I had composed and sung several hundred years back!

Baba thereby told us that we are here for Baba only — what matters for us is Love — unblemished love for Baba — He came to give us His love — He left us here to sow the seeds of the divine in suffering humanity and quit when the harvester comes!

Hearken my Beloved,
We long for thy love.

We often miss your caresses;
Baba dear send us lots of Love.


1993 © W. D. Kain


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