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Judith Garbett

A couple of days later on the porch Mehera greeted everyone, then sat as usual in her big armchair.

She looked very bright and relaxed that morning. I was sitting close beside her on a low stool, and Wendy Connor was in one of the chairs opposite us.

Mehera suddenly said to Wendy, "Australia is better than America!" Then turning to me, her eyes dancing in fun, Mehera put her hand over her mouth and whispered "What is that animal that jumps?" So I whispered "Kangaroo" close to her ear.

She looked delighted, and told Wendy triumphantly "Because they have kangaroos and you don't!" Everyone laughed enjoying the joke, including Mehera who continued to be in a very happy mood.

LIVES OF LOVE, Mehera 2, p. 9
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