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On one occasion, to me Baba said, "Love the One in the many and not the many in the One; I am the only Friend who will never let you down."

Love Alone Prevails, p. 165
1981 © Meher Spiritual Center Inc.


With A Yellow Face
It was His typical way to bring to an acute turning point some good or bad situation, personal or universal.
How Shy She Must Have Felt
Baba was happy to see the two groups mingling so harmoniously.
What Are You Thinking About?
Can one think of nothing?
Meher Baba In Paris
On the return, we stopped the car at a French patisserie.
The Significance of Awareness
A talk given by Kitty Davy at the 11th annual Sahavas, July, 1985
Death To Them Meant Progression In Evolution
It was at the railway station in Quetta that Elizabeth found one of her numerous dogs.
These Small Things
The tree looked beautiful and I can still see that sweet, gentle smile on Baba's face as he stood by it on Christmas morning.
Journey At Sea
I was in charge of many details throughout the journey — food, recreation and such — the most important being the seclusion of the women mandali.


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