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Jean Adriel

Once, the Master of Hafiz — the great Persian mystic — ordered one of his disciples to go home and kill his child.

Hafiz was present and heard the order and began to wonder about it. But the man to whom the order was given simply thought that there must be some good reason for the Master's order, so he went home at once and killed the child, and brought the body to his Master.

All the while Hafiz was thinking and wondering about this strange order, as were also the other disciples, but no one said anything. Then the Master told Hafiz to bury the child, and bury it deep. Hafiz did as he was ordered, and after burying it deep, in accordance with the Persian custom he lit a candle and placed it over the grave.

As he looked at the flame of the candle he heard a voice saying: "I have been benefited;" then to his astonishment he saw the form of a child rise out of the candle flame. As Hafiz stared in amazement he then saw millions of child forms rising out of the candle flame. He was greatly puzzled.

As he returned to his Master, wherever he looked he saw the forms of children. When Hafiz returned to the waiting group, the Master now told the child's father to go and bring back the child whom he would find at home.

The man again without hesitation, without even wondering how the child could be home when he knew that he had killed it and that Hafiz had buried it, went off at once, in compliance with the Master's order. When he reached his home, there he found his child walking around the house, quite well and happy, and he brought him to the Master, as instructed.

Though an extreme example of the methods a Master may use in order to show his disciples the illusory nature of this phenomenal world, it illustrates the unquestioning faith which a disciple should have for his Master, and how utterly detached and obedient he is expected to be.

AVATAR, pp. 130-131
1947 © Jean Adriel


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