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The Links, Bangalore     

Dearest Leyla,

I was indeed happy to receive, on the same day, two letters from you and also your two articles for the magazine, which I know were written for Me and came straight from the heart. I like both and especially the one on Love.

When you feel this urge to express yourself on paper, never check it. As you try to put these thoughts down they will become clearer and give you a deep understanding. Much that is within is often in such a chaotic state that to separate one idea from another is not easy.

I know you better than you know yourself and I will teach you in My own way all the things concerning your Real Self. Seek and strive to know Me — your Beloved — and bit by bit you will know your Real Self,  for am I not your real self.

Realize Me and you will know God. No other pursuit is worthwhile when you have met the beloved. Everything then centers around Him. You see all beauty through Him be it expressed through poetry, art, or music, or through life itself. All work whether of your hands or academic is done for Him and your only attachment is your Beloved. All service then becomes selfless whether done for friend, family, or stranger. All are one and toward this "One" the motive too is one — to please Him, whom to please is to know. There is no other knowing. Feeling is not knowing.

To please Me is to do, but doing what? That which your beloved commands you. This is My way, My path. "My yoke is easy and My burden is light." My way with you all is the shortest way to Union which I long for infinitely more than you can ever long. Although the game is of My own making, still I must suffer to enjoy the game of realizing Myself consciously in all creation. But it is up to you, My beloved ones, who know Me in the flesh as none other can, to lessen this suffering and give Me all the happiness you are capable of.

Will you do this for Me? Help Me in thought, word, and action. Let your thoughts be always of Me — your work spring always from love, and your action be expressive of one who seeks in all she does to please Him who is ever present in the heart of His Beloved Leyla. This thought will give you eternal happiness and bliss in the midst of the sad times through which the world is now passing and must face up to.

The suffering of all will be terrible, but remember that underneath are the "Everlasting Arms" to keep you happy in your faith and love to the very end. I will never fail you and I will never leave you.

I am writing shortly to Minta. My love and blessings to your dear mother and to all your family.

All My love to dearest Leyla.



THE OCEAN OF LOVE, pp. 136-137, Delia DeLeon
1991 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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