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Meher Baba

"I called all you dear ones for the Meeting. What is meeting? Meeting means we meet. So before we begin anything, we meet in embrace for the last time. So meet Me with all your heart, but not so tightly so as to break My ribs!

"Last night, all the time I was thinking: Why the rains started, especially on the 28th when you all were to arrive here; because all these 28 days there was sunshine and all the programs went off very cheerfully. The darshan program of 12th September, the explanations to the Western group here, and another program at Sakori, where I went to lay My head at the shrine of My Master, and the program at 'Nagar on the 26th at Sarosh Motor Works, went off cheerfully.

"Then for the first time I asked Myself, whether I was the Avatar; and the clear and definite answer was, 'Yes, I am the Ancient One, the Highest of the High,' Then I asked Avatar Meher Baba, 'why this rain — this inconvenience to the lovers who have come all the way to meet You!' Avatar Meher Baba replied, 'Those who really love You would come with their heads on their palms, and this inconvenience would be a happiness to them.'

"In all parts of India, every year thousands of pilgrims go to pay their homage to the holy places and the tombs of the Saints and Masters, undergoing all kinds of hardships on the way — sometimes journeying long distances on foot, and many die on the way from illness, exposure and contamination of disease, none of which deter them from their objective. How much more hardship and inconvenience you should be prepared to undergo therefore, when you come to the living Master! For, instead of the ordinary pilgrimage to tombs and holy relics of the past, you are gathered today at the shrine of the living Avatar, Meher Baba.

"Now after embracing you all, one after the other, for the last time, be brave and confess your weaknesses, because very soon I am going to destroy all the bindings of the religious ceremonies."

Everybody joins in a queue to pass Baba for this last embrace.

"As I am going to drop My body soon, this is your last opportunity to embrace Me. By God's Will may you all be worthy of My Love, and not sell Me."

While the queue was passing, one of the men, before he reached Baba, started sobbing bitterly. Baba was in great good humor, and was joining with many of those who came to Him, and patted many on the shoulder....

"Baba never feels tired; if you are not tired we will go on." All cried that they were not tired. Baba then said "Pay proper attention and make this Confession for yourselves and for all the world with all your hearts. God is deaf to the language of the mind, and keen to hear only the language of the heart. If you put your heart into My Confession, God will definitely make you love Him." This was translated into Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, and Telegu, as were all the other statements made during the meeting.

Baba said: "What is known as virtue and sin are nothing but strength and weakness."


THREE INCREDIBLE WEEKS WITH MEHER BABA, pp. 104-106, Charles Purdom and Malcolm Schloss
1979 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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