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Darwin C. Shaw

In Baba's reply, which follows, he pointed out that the real and lasting retreat is in the spirit of brotherhood and love within, rather than in any earthly home or structure built for that purpose....

My Dear Darwin,

I have your very loving letters and poems, and do so much appreciate your spirit of love, devotion and service.

I know how you and your dear wife feel, and have always been helping you spiritually, as you already experienced.

I am glad to know about the loving ones of the group that you have formed, and who wish to start a retreat if plans succeed.

Whether that retreat on earth is established or not, I do really appreciate the spirit of brotherhood and Love that has been awakened, and consider it as a spiritual retreat already established within, which is much more substantial and real than any earthly home or structure built for the purpose.

The true spirit is there, already awakened, and if it is fostered and kept up with warm feelings of Love and brotherhood, it will eventually bear results that will be helpful in the development of spiritual understanding of life and things pertaining to life, and wherever such spirit of Love and brotherhood prevails, inner light and guidance always follow invariably.

And rest assured, I will always be with you and the other dear ones working in unison in the spirit of Love, and my spiritual help will always be forthcoming wherever I am, wherever you all are. So if a retreat is managed and established, alright. But if it is found difficult to arrange for one, do not despair, but keep up the SPIRIT and carry on the useful work even without a retreat, and I will always help you. I give you and your work all my blessings....

And don't worry, my dear Darwin, for being unable to come to me and meet me for want of material means. Those who are united in Love are always in spirit and know no separation.

2003 © Darwin C. Shaw


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