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Waryam Singh Sahni

Life carried on and I went about my job and my family affairs. My father by now selected Delhi and we settled down in the capital of the country. There was a big event that shook the world of Baba lovers and for a while, perhaps, even the Mandali of Meher Baba were in a state of shock and awe. I am talking of the event that took place on 31st January 1969.

My father too went to Meherabad for the last darshan of the Master. My father's reaction to this event taught me a big lesson. He felt that Baba was as much available as he was before 31 January 1969. He said, "When I first met Meher Baba, He was in a reclining position and now too, He is in a reclining position." It had made no difference to him and I too feel the same. Meher Baba lovers have increased by leaps and bounds and what Baba said in 1956 is slowly coming true.

He said, "Sixty years from now, Meherabad and Meherazad will become world centers to which thousands will make pilgrimage vying with each other to sacrifice their very lives in My name."


BABA'S GRACE, 2nd ed, p. 87
2005 © Waryam Singh Sahni


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