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Meher Baba

Questioner: What's the solution of this world wide misery? Would it solve through martyrdom?

BABA: Yes, through martyrdom by many. But why is a question of collective efforts for many? What about you personally?

Questioner: I am not concerned about me personally.

BABA: But the personal question does come in, even with a desire to serve others selflessly, as you do, because your personal (individual) efforts for the good of others would have a collective effect. For example, a leper amongst a crowd of healthy people would spoil the whole atmosphere and surrounding with the infection of his disease. So also another scented profusely and emitting perfume from his person would spread the fragrance all round him. That is, personal means collective, and collective means personal. So in order to be able to help others, you yourself must first have it. You can then better transmit this happiness to others.

Questioner: In spite of keeping one's "personal" question aside, trying one's utmost to help one's own, if they do not understand, what has one to do?

BABA: So it means the feeling of happiness is not so deep in them as in you. Because I saw your family (wife and children), but the happiness you experience is not experienced by them all. And it is the life-long aim of every true soul to impart happiness to others, even if it is at the sacrifice of one's own.

Questioner: Perhaps one who is not always encouraged by surrounding circumstances feels different (dejected) at times.

BABA: But it gradually expands. You have a good heart. I like you very much. Every human being has some weakness. But it is the heart that matters.


THE ANSWER, Conversations With Meher Baba, pp. 41-42
1972 © Naosherwan Anzar


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