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Najoo Kotwal

Although the prospect of boarding school was exciting to me, I was pleased that Hilloo and I still had a little time to enjoy the wonderful new experience of life on the Hill before leaving for school, for we were gloriously happy. In addition to Baba, who showered us with His love and attention, both divine and human, we had many new aunties to love us.

We also had playmates, as there were several children living in the ashram besides Adi, Hilloo and me: Meheru, Naggu and Jangu (Mehera's nieces and nephew); Sarwar [Baidul's daughter]; Meherwan Jessawala; and Kaikobad's three daughters, Mehroo, Jaloo and Guloo.

Sometimes during vacations Adi Sr.'s niece Tehmi, who attended school with us at St. Anne's also came to stay. We had lots of open space in which to play — and even a zoo with all sorts of exotic birds and animals. Hilloo particularly liked the zoo. We did not have toys, but we did play games, sometimes with one another and sometimes even with Baba and Mehera.

When He was with us children, Beloved Baba was like a child — playing cards, Ping-Pong and gilli-danda (an Indian outdoor game played with sticks.) He always had a twinkle in His beautiful eyes, and of course He always won whatever game we were playing. One day when Hilloo and I were passing Baba's cabin, He called us and took out a pack of cards.

Midway through the game Hilloo, who was sitting next to Him on His right, saw a card behind Baba's back. Being a child and having no inhibitions, she immediately said, "Baba, You are cheating!"

Baba looked at her with amazement in His eyes and said with gestures, "I am Master of the whole Universe, and you call me a cheat?"

Hilloo said, "But Baba, there is a card behind Your back."

Then suddenly, to her amazement, He pulled the card out from behind her ear.

We all laughed at His magic trick. He then pinched Hilloo's cheeks and made a kissing gesture with His lips. Beloved Baba was completely human with us, even though He was the Almighty.


2006 © Meherwan Kotwal


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