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Meher Baba

Once Baba very good humouredly remarked that:

"People coming to see me almost always ask me to pray for them. These simple souls do not know that Masters neither bless nor curse anyone. The fulfilment of their worldly desires from approaching a divine personality, is in direct proportion to the faith they bring towards him and their prayers are answered by the divine Shaktis (Tajalliat — Powers) active around him.

A Perfect Master (Sadguru) works in the spiritual domain, while the Mahatmas (those on the Path) can be said to bless for it is their spoken word that brings about the desired result.

When approaching a Perfect Master with the object of deriving material benefit, one should rather request him for his curse, because such an one's blessing, if at all he spends it in a particular case, is likely to uproot him from his worldly surroundings with a view to making him one like himself."


TWENTY YEARS WITH MEHER BABA, p. 92, Dr. Abdul Ghani, Munsif
1975 © Avatar Meher Baba Poona Center


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