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Mani S. Irani

Time and again there have been in the West as well as in the East people who have imagined themselves as spiritual guides of those seeking the Divine Goal. These have not lasted long, ending in disillusionment, for only He that is truly Eternal can disperse the darkness of ignorance. There are others that are genuine and highly advanced (as on the mental plane) who can help others to come up to their own level of advancement.

Amongst these latter is Sant Kirpal Singh, who Baba said is a highly advanced seeker on the Path. We have other jewels like him in India, some known, others unknown. These Masters of the planes should not be confused with Perfect Masters. The Masters of the planes have different grades of perfection (according to the plane they are on), while all Perfect Masters who are Supreme Perfection personified are ONE in consciousness. The Perfect Master, having reached the Goal and having gained Supreme Consciousness, regains the consciousness of the planes and worlds (mental, subtle and gross) in order to help others in the bondage of illusion....

We are all one, including the Masters. We are all parts of Baba, the Ocean. We are, as it were, the "drops"; the ones on the subtle planes, the "streams"; the advanced ones on the mental planes, the "rivers" — all part of the shoreless Ocean of Divine Truth.

Baba has said: "Once you open your wings to fly, you must fly straight like the swan. Do not flit from tree to tree like the sparrow, or many things will distract you on the way, and the journey is long."

We cannot benefit by following more than one Master, even Perfect Masters as they themselves tell us.... We cannot follow two living Masters at once. Those who follow Baba must follow only Baba. Naturally we respect all others whom we recognize as His own Reflection, but we should hold on to only one (and what better one than THE ONE?).

Jesus said, "Give up all and follow Me." He did not say give up all and follow Peter for I am in him too.... When we have amongst us the Avatar to guide us along the High road to our Destination, need we tread the many side roads that eventually must lead to the High road?

The function of the five Perfect Masters (present at all times) is different at the time of the Avatar. At such times, their role or function is to precipitate the coming of the Avatar, and they all leave their bodies before the Avatar manifests, reposing their "charges" in Him who works as the Redeemer of humanity on a wide scale. The Avatar then functions alone (with also the duty of the five Perfect Masters incorporated in Him). Upasni Maharaj said to his disciples before giving up the body, "I have given over my charge to Merwan. He is the Ruler."

Babajan (to whom Baba's mother would protest for having "taken away" her son from her) told mother, "He is not your son. He is for the whole Universe. Be proud and happy, for He will twirl the world on His little finger like a ball...."


LOVE ALONE PREVAILS, pp. 713-714, Kitty Davy
1981 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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