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Meher Baba

Living faith has a vital relation with all the deeper forces and purposes of the psyche; it is creatively dynamic. There is not a thought but is enlivened by it; there is not a purpose that is not recast by it.

Living faith in the Master becomes a supreme source of inspiration and unassailable self-confidence for the disciple, and expresses itself primarily through active reliance upon the Master, not merely through the opinion held about him.

Living faith is an active attitude of confidence in the Master expressing itself not only through trustful expectation of help, but through the spirit of self-surrender and dedication. Such fruitful and living faith in the Master is always born of some deep experience which the Master imparts to the disciple.


GOD TO MAN AND MAN TO GOD, pp. 60-61, ed C. B. Purdom
1975 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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