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Kitty Davy

January 3rd [1932], sailed at 4 on the "Boleran".

During this voyage, after the second day, Baba asked me if I noticed anything wrong with a young Dutch girl who was travelling with her family. At first, I did not notice anything; then saw that she had a slight limp.

Baba said that years ago she was a yogi in India, and that she (he, then) was attempting to attain some high form of consciousness either by meditation or fasting, when he had a stroke and died. Ever since, in every incarnation, he or she has limped; so in order to cure her it would be necessary to win her affection. Having accomplished this, he would be able to cure all others of that kind.

Baba then proceeded during the voyage to interest this girl and draw her towards him. Gradually, she used to spend longer time with him each day, playing ping pong, draughts, etc, with him; and by the end of the voyage, one could see a change in her looks and manner, and her general health seemed to have improved — including the limp.

As we left the boat at Colombo, it was, of course, impossible to know for certain just how far the cure went. (Note: When a Yogi dies before accomplishing his aim, it is called "Yog-Bresht.") Baba said since then, this girl had many minor lives and five main lives. Baba started to cure her gradually by simply looking at her. As the yogi, "she" was in Samadhi when she had the apoplectic stroke and died.

THE AWAKENER MAGAZINE, Vol. XIV, No. 1, p. 35, ed. Filis Frederick
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