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Seeta Ram Swami

During the year 1962, I was residing at Narasaropet, in Andhra Pradesh. I first came to know about Meher Baba when I was searching for a book in the local library. After searching through about one hundred books, I picked up Life of Sadguru Meher Baba in Telegu. Thus, without any apparent effort from me to know about Him from anybody, He made me know Him.

At first, while going through this book, I could not accept the assertion of Meher Baba to the effect, "I am Ishwara (God)."...

My desire in going to see Meher Baba in Poona was due to His statement, "I am God." When I arrived at Guru Prasad, I saw Meher Baba and I felt that He was a Divine Being and was known to me even before my having His physical darshan. I had neither before nor after seen such a Person. I also experienced that if at all god comes into this world in the form of a man, He will be like this. The following were the thoughts in my mind at this time.

"Am I seeing God-personified?"

"Is it possible for me to see God? Am I blessed?"

"We, born as Hindus, believe in Rama, Krishna, Shankar, as God-personified. Is Meher Baba another such One?"

Those above questions rose in me, not as doubts, but due to amazement and my heart yearning for the Truth. When these question cropped up in my mind for fulfillment, Meher Baba looked at me and gestured what I understood as, "In the entire universe there is One God. I am that One God." While Baba was gesturing this, I saw, in a flash, my deity, Lord Shankara, in His person. I believed from that moment that Meher Baba is none other than the Lord Himself in human form.


OUR CONSTANT COMPANION, pp. 2425, ed Bal Natu
1988 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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