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Allan Y. Cohen

Meher Baba sees the path of love as the most potent. According to Baba, loving God is the greatest love, and loving the Avatar is a timeless technique for loving God. Meher Baba's invitation to seekers, Love me! is not a neurotic need for affection. It is an encouragement to pursue fruitfulness on the Avataric path. The following excerpts sketch a clear picture of Baba's priorities for his current and potential lovers.

"I am the One who is always lost and found among mankind. It is your love for yourself that loses me and it is your love for me that finds me. Love me above everything. I have not come amongst you for you to bow down to me, to perform my arti [song of praise], to worship me. These things are good for the saints, walis and yogis. I expect much more from you.

"I have come to receive your love from you, and to bestow my love on you. I have descended to your level for the one purpose of bestowing my love on you so that you may love God and become God. The rest is all illusion. Do not expect anything from me except my love for you."


1977 © Ira G. Deitrick


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