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Dr. Abdul Ghani

A man happened to lose his horse, and he could trace it nowhere. He approached Babajan, and let forth his complaint. Babajan pointed out with her finger in one particular direction, and asked him to go straight until the horse was found.

Getting this hint, he left immediately, and proceeded in the direction pointed out by Babajan. He had not proceeded far, when to his surprise, the horse was observed coming towards him from the opposite direction. He was awfully pleased and loading a good quantity of sweets on the back of the horse, he came along with it to Babajan and requested her to distribute the sweets to the crowd with her own august hands.

Babajan caressed the horse, and distributed the sweets as requested.

HAZRAT BABAJAN, pp. 111-112
1998 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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